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The dust has already settled after the widely discussed implementation of GDPR. However, the need to ensure proper data protection by the entities involved in their processing has not lost its importance. The recent decisions made by the supervisory authorities and the Polish and EU courts mean that ensuring compliance requires constant and appropriate action and analysis. We are helping you in this regard by offering:
– GDPR compliance audits, including post-implementation audits
– Projects for the implementation of GDPR and updates on previous implementations
– Creation of GDPR documentation
– Support for the preparation of a data protection impact assessment
– Definition and qualification of data processing operations
– Developing optimal business and lawful data processing models
– Support in proceedings conducted by the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection
– Services of an external data protection officer
Doing business in a regulated market requires a lot of attention. We are your guide in this matter, ensuring legal security with regard to the achievement of your business goals. Although we try to prevent this from happening, we become your attorney in disputes with the regulator or your contractors.
We help energy consumers to ensure optimal conditions of supply contracts on electricity, heat and gas. We also help to implement projects related to meeting the demand from renewable sources.
Scope of services:
– Concession and tariff issues
– Representation in proceedings before the President of the ERO and before SOKiK and higher courts in cases involving appeals against decisions of the President of the ERO
– Support in relations with electricity, heat and gas consumers and representation in disputes with them
– Creating contractual templates for business customers and consumers and providing opinions on legal compliance of such documents
– Support to consumers in their relations with energy companies, including negotiation of contracts for the supply of electricity, gas and heat
– Support for all regulatory issues, including activities in the field of renewable energy sources
– Ensuring optimal conditions for the supply of utilities, including through corporate PPA
We help our clients in the maze of insurance market regulations, taking care of legal security with regard to business goals. We advise on relations with the insured, insurers or brokers and also represent your interests in courts.
Scope of services:
– Regulatory support for the conduct of insurance business
– Reviewing, creating and amending insurance contracts, including general insurance conditions
– Opinions on insurance models and insurance distribution models
– Negotiation of insurance contracts and brokerage agreements
– Representation in insurance matters
The world around us is digitising at a rapid pace. It is no longer just e-commerce and the widespread use of mobile applications in everyday business activities, but also the increasing harnessing of artificial intelligence or machine learning to increase work efficiency and achieve even better business results with the constant threat of cybersecurity. Regardless of the form and scope of your use of new technologies, we will make sure that your interests are protected in the best possible way and that the implemented solutions are secure from the legal and regulatory side.
We prefer to avoid disputes by properly formulating agreements and helping to resolve conflicts amicably.
Sometimes, however, it is necessary to fight, and we are ready to help in this, regardless of whether there is a contractor or a public administration body on the other side.
Agreements are rainy day solutions. Whether it is a widely applicable contract template or an individually tailored contract, we ensure that the solutions you have developed are prepared for the worst times and meet the requirements of the law, while being as compact and practical as possible in everyday use.
Consumer law is becoming increasingly widespread and sanctions for its violation can be very severe. We will ensure that your business objectives, whatever form they take, do not put you at risk of being accused of infringing consumer rights.
We speak German and we know German culture, not only in legal terms.
We will help you in all matters related to doing business in Poland.
Pomożemy Państwu we wszystkich kwestiach związanych z prowadzeniem działalności gospodarczej w Polsce.

Other services

Do you have needs that go beyond the areas indicated above? We will be pleased to provide you with support on a wider range of issues, be it in all matters related to running your business or the needs of individual clients. If necessary, we provide specialist services together with our business partners who specialise in specific areas of law.

Experience and offer

If you are interested in a detailed presentation of our experience or an offer tailored to your individual needs, please contact us.
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